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| Apr 24, 2008 | comment 4 Comments is a web real estate portal dedicated to freehold and leasehold properties in Dubai, with the goal to act as a hub and bring people with different real estate needs together, whether they’re looking to live in Dubai, invest in real estate or sell properties.

The portal has a very nice, simple and usable design, integrating a wealth of features put together to provide users with in-depth real estate solutions, customized and advanced search to find what exactly suits their needs, access to other users’ opinions, neighborhood ratings, videos of properties and projects, the possibility to join discussions with other users, as well as the latest real estate news in the UAE. also offers agencies the possibility to list all their properties on the website, and through an administration interface manage their profiles, their properties, and assign agents to them.

All properties agencies list on the portal are then automatically republished to Google Real Estate.

It’s obvious that with the huge real estate boom taking place in Dubai, has a really important and useful job to do, making life easier for everyone approaching this market. was launched in 2007 by Web 2.0 consultancy company SpinBits, and all its services are currently free, both for users and agencies.


  • gunjan, is a one of it’s kind
    platform, which will make the real estate and infrastructure service providers
    think beyond only buildings and houses. It is a first of it’s kind video based
    portal for the entire infrastructure industry hence our tagline “Not Just Facts About Property, But More”


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