Seamler, Personalized Arabic Startpage

| Apr 1, 2008 | comment Leave a comment

SeamlerSeamler is one of the first Arab services that followed the steps of Netvibes, launching a personalized startpage for the Arab world.

The interface is entirely in Arabic, and is very much like Netvibe’s earlier versions, with the same level of usability and interface basics.

Users can customize their startpage, or actually create several pages, using blocks of content, from a list of selected sites and blogs spanning several different themes; they can also add blocks that pull their content from RSS feeds of the user’s choice.

In addition to the content blocks, there are a few widgets users can throw onto their pages like clock, calculator, weather info, sticky notes, flickr and gmail widgets.

Seamler initially launched back in September 2006, and haven’t really done much to evolve the service, add new widgets or even other content sources ever since, and other Arab websites and portals have caught up adding the same startpage idea with richer features and more options.

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