Chkobba Popular Tunisian Card Game Online

| May 11, 2008 | comment 17 Comments

ChkobbaChkobba is one of the most popular card games in Tunisia, mainly played by men at coffee shops around the country, but also played at home by men and women alike.

Tunisian web agency Web Carré have successfully captured the Chkobba coffee shop experience and brought it online through; the game, which is implemented in Flash, gives you a full coffee shop setting, with the small square tables, the coffee cups, cigarettes, hookah (Shisha), in addition to the ambient noises of a coffee shop, all its hustle and bustle, and the songs playing on an old radio in the corner somewhere.

You can also chat with other users while you’re playing, just as you would be doing if you were sitting with them playing in some coffee shop.

You can play solo against the computer, with the ability to choose your competitor’s level, or invite your friends and play with them in a multi-player game. In both solo and multi-player mode you can choose to play in an online championship and win prizes.

The game is in its second version, even though still in beta and might have some little quirks here and there, but it is very well implemented and really nice to play.

An interesting feature they’re adding is the possibility to find users to play with who are from your same neighborhood or near you by displaying their avatars on a map.

Chkobba screenshot

There are a number of other little flash games available on the website, but none as well designed or well implemented as the chkobba card game.


  • Rockrolla

    Excuse me , Chkobba is libyan popular game not Tunisian :) and in original Spanish Game . Please try to write real stories in your page .
    Thank you

  • HZ

    Well maybe the libyan and the spanish need to make their own online version of chkobba.

  • lilly

    does anyone know where i can find the rules to play chkobba?

  • jaz

    give me a break!!! its Tunisian not Libyan where do you get your info from you idiota!!!

  • me!

    not having played it but is it not like the Italian game Scopa (which means to sweap)??

    wiki refers to it also being popular in Libya but nothing about tunisia

  • Coffee Clubs

    Looks a very interesting card game. Playing this while drinking coffee would be great.

  • amal

    There's not a very wide difference between Libyan and Tunisian cultures especially on the border areas, and Tunisian and Italian TV were the only outside TV stations Libyans watched before satellite dish days. And it is an Italian word, yes.

  • tunisian

    chkobba means scopa == frensh game popular game in tunisia while the war this game also popular in france italia spain tunisia and little lybia+america

  • Chkobba

    hehe I Find It Finnaly here :

  • Magifranoi


  • Oussama
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  • Nardus Sevinga

    There is a big difference between Designers And Programmers
    Play and chat up!

  • Nardus Sevinga
  • Nardus Sevinga

    The real multiplayer chkobba is here:

  • Nardus Sevinga
  • Nardus Sevinga
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