SouqElArab & Nawaiya Launch Smallest PC With 3G Mobile & Premier Arabic TV Channels Online

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Press Release: partners with Nawaiya FZ, launching the Smallest PC with 3G mobile and Premier Arabic TV channels.
Amman, June 8, 2008

The Arab social Web shopping portal,, partners with Nawaiya FZ LLC. to launch exclusively On-line the Nawaiya’s convergence device the “Interactive Lifestyle Manager – ILM3G”.

The ILM 3G is state-of-the-art wide screen handheld convergence device designed to revolutionize content consumption on the go. ILM 3G offers full mobile phone functionality within the same device and enables users to access content, enjoy high-quality music and video playback and browse the full web while they are on the phone all using the same device – a first in the market place.

The ILM3G comes bundled with proprietary Nawaiya content portal designed to provide our customers seamless access to live TV, sports, movies and music downloads over Wi-Fi and 3G. Nawaiya has distribution rights to over 56 live premium Arabic channels such as Rotana Channels, MBC1, Alarabiya, Aljazeera, Dubai TV, Dubai Sports, Escape Music Channel, LBC, Future TV and many more.

With dimensions of 7.3 X 17 cm. and 2.5 cm. in slimness, it proves that the ILM3G is the smallest PC in the world with a 3G phone. It runs the full version of Microsoft® Windows® XP® and employs a proprietary touch-screen user interface.

The CEO of SouqElArab Inc. points; “This fantastic product is geared up for our Middle Eastern & North African clients whom benefit from such facilities and latest technology. Our partnership with Nawaiya is to reach out to the user with the state-of-the-art technology, vibrant in today’s world, and a great product offering for the businessman, the media lovers and people on the move. We are proud to offer the ILM 3G exclusively on-line to our valued community”

The ILM3G is sold in UAE stores and will be marketed and sold exclusively On-line on the Web site throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

Nawaiya ILM 3G Phone, operated by SouqElArab Inc., is a growing Arab on-line marketplace in the making. It offers visitors a social shopping experience whereby they can network with like-minded people and shop at the same time. The shopping experience is based on members’ recommendations and feedback, where visitors rate and review products and come together to form a community based on their hobbies, interests and traits.

Nawaiya was established in 2007 as an Original Equipment Manufacturer and Media Company (OEM-M) headquartered in Dubai Media City and focused exclusively on the ‘Interactive Lifestyle Manager’ (ILM) category, that emerging convergence handheld category packing full PC functionality with full mobile phone and 3G data functionality all bundled with geo-relevant and compelling content.

The company is focused on the vision of providing the Middle East market with a revolutionary mobility experience firmly rooted in and designed for the region.

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