Mohammad Bin Rashid Establishment For Young Business Leaders To Create Business Networking Portal With Tejari

| Aug 6, 2008 | comment 1 Comment

Mohammed Bin Rashid Establishment For Young Business LeadersThe Mohammad Bin Rashid Establishment for Young Business Leaders has signed an agreement to create a new online portal for small and medium enterprise (SME) members, made possible through the partnership of Tejari, a Middle Eastern e-commerce network, considered to be the hub of online trade for the region and emerging markets across the world.

The partnership will enable SME to develop a new online business community for members, enabling them to network within their industry, creating business opportunities while giving their businesses international exposure.

The portal will create an extensive online business community where members can find trade opportunities with other SME members and the 190,000 members of Tejari’s network. Members will be able to create online profiles to showcase their products and services on a global scale.

Tejari will create this portal based on SME’s requirements using the most innovative e-business technologies to help trading communities carry out business matchmaking via the internet.

Tejari will additionally offer support services to members to ensure proficient use of the portal and to introduce other e-commerce opportunities.

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