Talfazat: Online Streaming Of Live And On-Demand Arabic TV Content

| Aug 25, 2008 | comment 5 Comments

TalfazatJumpTV and NeuLion, two leading providers of live and on-demand international and sports programming over the Internet, whose merger is pending apporval, just announced the launch of a new online service under the name of “Talfazat“, that delivers a large selection of live and on-demand Arabic television content.

Talfazat.com offers Arabs worldwide an opportunity to tune into their favorite live television channels or on-demand programs with a simple Internet connection. It features more than 35 of the most popular channels and thousands of hours of video-on-demand from leading Arabic content providers including Dubai TV, LBC, Aljazeera News, Aljazeera English, Rotana, Future TV, New TV, 2M and many others.

Talfazat.com is a subscription-based service that provides streaming of content to computers and laptops affording users one central place to access leading Arabic-language entertainment. The website displays a customized user experience, easy navigation, superior video quality and a comprehensive selection of popular content from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.


This online video network has been launched in conjunction with Ramadan, a holy month in the Islamic calendar. Talfazat offers over 800 hours of the most popular Ramadan shows and series.

Talfazat has exclusive IPTV rights to stream television programming to viewers globally and many of the channels are not offered anywhere else. In the coming months, Talfazat plans to launch a set-top-box that will allow viewers to watch live and on-demand content on the television in addition to the computer. Talfazat will be a multi-platform Arabic service.

Talfazat Packages range from US$15 to US$25 per month, depending on the plan, with offers for longer subscription periods. A Ramadan Promotion sees them offering one month free when a three month plan is purchased.

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  • Ali Zeidan

    They launched the Set Top Box in US & Canada.
    Its pretty amazing…
    I always lived in an apartment and could never have dish.

    I didnt pay for the box (it was a free rental) and the monthly fee for the most expensive package was only $30 US!!!

    No long contracts either…. 6 months only. Or you can do month to month if you buy the box for $150.

  • Ali Zeidan

    I was refering to the Talfazat box. Thats the one I have.

    The IGOCOLO one is garbage…. its just a computer with Windows media centre connected to it….
    So hard for my mom to use and the video quality is not good at all.

  • Iana

    I am discontinuing my subscription to Talfazat at the end of this month. The reason: incredibly unreliable service. Poor signal, some channels disappear on a regular basis, others play with no sound, there is NO on-demand content beyond the free videos that anyone can watch without a subscription (and I would know, I've been trying to access the on-demand content for five months now). Customer service is a joke: I have written numerous times to complain about the poor quality, and the only answer I have gotten, over and over, has been “We are aggressively looking into the matter.” How can you be aggressively looking into not having on-demand content on your website for *five* months????

  • SBS Fence

    There are some other new but impressive Free Arabic TV Online like Chiffra which has good range of Arabic origin TV channels with live streaming for its online viewers from Middle East and from other regions too.

    You are welcome to…..

  • Walid

    Unprofessional customer service, they fail the basic customer service skills.their billing system is just crap and you are never charged what you are promised, I had the service for over 2 years and discovered that they charged me double for 2 consecutive years. When I called in to inquire about the extra charges they failed explaining them and kept making things up to reach the number.
    NEVER given them your credit card and stay away from this scam service

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