More Innovative Partnerships On The Way For Etisalat’s Internet TV Solution

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EtisalatEtisalat revealed to that more innovative partnerships are in the pipeline for their recently launched internet television solution, which gives broadcasters and content owners the ability to upload content onto Etisalat’s network.

Etisalat’s IPTV solution was officially launched on September 10th through a partnership with MBC to enable online viewing of the top nine programmes being aired by MBC during the month of Ramadan.

“This service is relatively new to the region. Our alliance with MBC is also a test of the popularity this service might gain in the future,” said Khalifa Al Shamsi, vice president of marketing, consumer & SMB at Etisalat.

“Already, we have a lot of such exciting and innovative partnerships in the pipeline, which we will disclose in the coming months,” he added.

Etisalat believes that the reach of this technology is not just limited to the UAE, as it presents an opportunity to cater to a global audience. However, content providers can easily add restrictions on exactly who can access the content.

“While the platform has the ability to geographically block users that come from certain parts of the world, imposing any such restrictions is left to the discretion of producers and owners of the content since they are the ones who control what content should be shown and who should be able to access it,” said Al Shamsi.

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    When exactly is this company originated? The font looks like urdu, which means Pakistan – is that right?

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