Jawaker, Online Multiplayer Card Games For The Arab World

| Nov 18, 2008 | comment 2 Comments

JawakerJawaker is a new online multiplayer card games website that was launched recently for the Arab world, by the same team that is behind the online career network Akhtaboot.

The service is focused on delivering an entirely browser-based version of the most popular card games in the Arab world to an Arab and international audience.

The first game that is available through the service is ‘Trix‘ (a.k.a Trex), a card game that is very popular in many Middle Eastern countries, including Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Syria and United Arab Emirates. More card games like ‘Tarneeb‘ and other Arab favourites are planned to be added to the website in the future.

Players can join an already existing game, or from the game lobby, set up multiplayer games with their friends or with other visitors to the site. Unfinished games can be saved for completion later. 

Jawaker screenshot

Jawaker was one of the startups at DemoCamp Dubai 3, where Mohamed Haj Hasan and Fouad Mardini presented the service, and talked about their vision for it.


“The model is social interaction – the web is about networking, and cards is very ingrained in Arab culture,” said Mohamed Haj Hasan. “It’s a ‘build it and they will come’ approach. Once you get the users you can monetize it however you want, advertising, sponsorships, subscriptions or selling it to another company.”

They also plan to host tournaments and ranked competitions, where users pay to enter and can win prizes. Advertisers will be able to sponsor the backs of each card, an interesting adaptation of traditional online banner advertising. 

“When we couldn’t find a single website that would let us play online together, we just thought ‘lets make it’,” said Fouad Mardini. “This was something we wanted for ourselves, so it really has been a very fun project to work on.”


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