Hijri Calendar Now Available Through Google Calendar

| Dec 25, 2008 | comment 2 Comments

Google Calendar (Arabic)Google just recently announced the availability of the Hijri Calendar in English and Arabic in their Google Calendar tool.

Google Calendar is a tool that simplifies keeping track of events, special occasions, and appointments — whether they’re on your own agenda or on the calendars of contacts who opt to share their schedules with you. Now users that prefer to use the Hijri Calendar can add this feature.

“Launching the Google Hijri Calendar showcases our effort to focus on the needs of users locally. Calendar is a great tool for organizing your life,” said Wael Ghonim, Marketing Manager. “It’s another of our efforts to provide users with fast, easy-to-use applications that help to simplify your life in a way that is locally relevant for users who want Hijri Calendar dates.”

Google Calendar Hijri

To add the Hijri Calendar you need to sign in to your Google Account and go to your calendar. Once there click on settings. Under the General tab you can scroll down to Alternate Calendars and select the Hijri calendar of your choice.

There are three types of Hijri calendars available: Standard, Kuwaiti and Saudi Hijri calendars.

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  • AZ

    You cannot edit the date which is a required feature with all Hijri calendars – you have to be able to move it up 1, 2 or 3, and down 1, 2, or 3. Is this feature there somewhere?

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