Sahritna Unveils Site Redesign And Launches New Features

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SahritnaPress Release: Unveils Next Evolution of Site feature and Design
Amman, Dec. 1st, 2008 today released a new, cleaner and simpler new design, along with the opportunity for users to preview the next-generation features and functionality. The company is inviting people to use the new design and try out the improved features and engage with the community. The new design is available to all of Sahritna’s more than 50,000 Arabic users and the new registered users over the coming days.

“Based on our vision to create a unique interactive Arabic community and the demand of our loyal users, we have launched a simpler and cleaner design in order to highlight the most recent and relevant information that users value” said Sahritna founder and CEO Bashar Shannak. “Sahritna’s new features make it a lot easier for users to share information and engage in the community.”

The company has been developing the new design since four months. Over the past two months, more than 3,000 Sahritna users offered constructive suggestions on the layout and features, many of which were included in the final version.

Public Profiles: Sahritna allowed its users to create their personal unique pages to deliver their information in a social context. The evolution of the public profiles focuses on user’s identity, their friends, post comments, mutual friends, rating and more. The profile now surfaces more current and pertinent information, about a user and their friends’ on Sahritna.

Profile Comments: Users have complete control over the comments published on their profile. Users are able to delete unwanted comments. And they can post comments on their profile and friend’s profiles.

User Rating: Located on the right hand of the user’s profile, the users are able to rate other users profiles in simple way. This feature enables users to know the popularity of their profile and how their friends think of them.

My Mood: It’s a mean for the user to express his/her current mood and tell his friends how he feels currently. Upon user login he will be able to express his/her mood.

Easier Site Navigation with Tabs: The top menu is similar to the old design and allows users to access their Profile, Friends, Chat, search and Inbox.

The Profile is now split out into boxes:

- My Mood displays the user mood by text and smiley;
- My Info shows information about the user that doesn’t change frequently;
- My Interests shows user interests in creative way;
- About Me shows more information about user, this box enable the user to express himself.
- Comments display the other user’s comments and what they think about that user.
- My Friends features the user friends who accepted his friendship.
- Mutual Friends features all of the friends who are common the user and the selected profile.

Customized Avatars: Users will have the option to customize their avatar using powerful technology. In which they can change hair, eyes, mouth, clothes and shoes. This feature enables users to show their style and beliefs.

Unique Interactive Chat Rooms: Chat rooms are more tightly integrated into Sahritna in order to make new friends. Users will have the option to interact with random online users or to interact with their existing friends. The visual rooms are created dynamically to give the users the feel that they are chatting in real rooms. The user can listen to music while chatting.

Founded in February 2008, Sahritna’s mission is to make the Arabic world more open and transparent by giving people the power to share. Anyone can sign up for Sahritna and interact with the people they know in a trusted environment. Sahritna is a privately-held company and is headquartered in Amman, Jordan.

  • Ali

    Alf Mabrook Sahretna … :)

  • Ali

    Alf Mabrook Sahretna … :)

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