Private Equities ME, A Private Equity Portal For The Region

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PrivateEquities.meUAE-based RichWeb -a member of Tharaa Holding- just announced the launch of, a portal dedicated to the private equity sector in the Middle East and North Africa region.

The portal lists private equity companies and consultancies, as well as a selection of available investment opportunities from around the region; aiming to actively contribute in the development of the private equity sector in light of the Global Financial Crisis, through providing information and updating investors on new investment opportunities, and forming a database for all private equity companies and other related companies.

Mr. Shabeer Mohamed, Managing Director of RichWeb, said “Private equity investments reached $500bn globally, out of which $13bn is based in the Middle East. In light of the new global economic challenges, private equities will be more willing to offer their portfolios and investments to the largest possible number of investors in order to continue to develop their investments. Hence, came the idea of launching a website that connects companies and investors, and offer many services and resources including listings of consultancies working in the field. offers three confidentiality levels for those who wish to keep certain investments and information confidential and offer it to a handful of selected investors, which makes the services the website offers a qualitative shift in the regional private equity sector.”

The website offers listings of companies, portfolios, investment opportunities, in addition to updated information and the latest news about companies and the private equity sector in general.

RichWeb is offering a free of charge three months trial period for companies to list their information and portfolios, they can also search the available opportunities industry or by country. The visitors will receive the latest updates according to their saved search criteria.

Rich Web intends to continue developing the website, offer additional services and make available all relevant private equity information to visitors and members including researches, reports and interviews with industry leaders through cooperating with top regional media.

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