Salam Business Club Launches Arabic Version Of Their Business Social Networking Service

| Apr 4, 2009 | comment 8 Comments

Salam Business ClubSalam Business Club, the social business network built especially for the Arab, Asian and Muslim business world, has just launched an Arabic version of their service.

SalamBC was previously called MuslimBC, before undergoing a rebranding aimed at showing that the service isn’t just strictly for Muslims, and that anyone interested in joining, networking and getting into business with Muslims and Muslim countries from all over the world can join.

As with other business social networks, people can sign up and create their professional profile, then search for people they know on the service or invite them, building up their business network. Groups can also be created around different subjects where discussions can be launched with other members.

An internal messaging system makes it easier for users to get in touch and interact with each other.
Users also get their own personal blog on the service where they can write and share their articles and thoughts, and other members can leave their comments on. RSS feeds will be made available for these blogs in the future too.

SalamBC Screenshot

The interface is pretty simple and geared towards making it as friendly a place as possible for business professionals to connect and interact with each other, share interesting information and resources, and access the latest business news from various sources.

Among the other languages available on SalamBC are English, German, French, Urdu and Turkish; making the service available and accessible to a wide base of business people from different countries and backgrounds.

SalamBC was founded by Rias A. Sherzad and Farid Zazai in 2007. The company is based in Hamburg, Germany and is self and angel funded so far. I met with co-founder Farid Zazai in Dubai on a recent trip of his, and understood that they are also keeping an eye open for possible VC investments.

They’re also working on a really interesting service within SalamBC that no one else has ventured into yet, but I’ll get into that in more detail later, once I get the green light from them to talk about it.

Salam Business Club

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