What Is The Best Business Advice You’ve Ever Received?

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I thought it was about time to do another crowd-sourced post experiment where I throw a question out there on social networks, try to gather different people’s feedback and bits and pieces of their shared wisdom, and then share it with everyone here.

The question I asked this time was: What is the best business advice you’ve ever received?

And the replies I got were very interesting ones, both on Twitter and Facebook.

From Twitter (in reply to this):

  • Do what you want to do, complete your goals and don’t compare yourself to the others. (Saud Al-Hawawi)
  • Never get into the gold rush business, get into the business of servicing the gold rush business. (Bin Mugahid)
  • Don’t shit where you eat. (Kay)
  • Partnership due diligence. Be very selective with who you partner with. (Mohamed)
  • If you are selling something people don’t need, you are invisible – Seth Godin (Osama A. Dwairi)
  • Always be prepared to leave. (Tareq Abedrabbo)
  • Give more than half your business to somebody else. (Bin Mugahid)
  • Nobody really cares about your grades in school. This is ain’t school boy. (Bin Mugahid)
  • Business is connections; the more you have the more your business will be successful. (Rami Khader)
  • If u have your full time job, look for branding, marketshare & influence of your project & don’t look for money (Tarek Kassar)
  • Do one thing at a time. Focus, Focus, Focus (Tariq Al Asiri)
  • In life, you should never wait to receive blows to deal some. (Mehdi Lamloum)
  • Learn to delegate. (Houeida Anouar)
  • Be an innovator and a leader. (Mehdi Ladjemi)
  • A freelancer should know that the brand is the product, the product is the company and the company is him. (Aniss Bouraba)
  • If you have no work to show, find a charity that needs your service, or do free work for friends or family. (Aniss Bouraba)
  • Listen. (Khalil)

From Facebook (in reply to this):

  • Create meaning. (Murshed Mohamed)
  • Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. (Mossaab Benrhouma)
  • Your health is more important than your work. (Emna El Hammi)
  • Having a good product alone is not enough, you should help people find it. (Murshed Mohamed)
  • For online businesses In the Arab world, I recommend focusing the business model on companies rather than individuals. Make money from companies, not people. Companies pay more and are easier to convince than the average Arab citizen (Murshed Mohamed)
  • Don’t worry, be crappy! – Guy Kawasaki (Murshed Mohamed)
  • It’s not the strongest who survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most adaptable to change – Charles Darwin (Younes Qassimi)

A big thanks to everyone who replied and contributed to this very interesting and useful list of business tips and advice. If you have any more tips of your own, please do share with everyone and enrich the list, by dropping your advice in a comment below.

  • http://www.teksymmetry.com Tim Abbott

    Tim of tekSymmetry here,

    GREAT STUFF. I love it, keep it up :)

  • http://twitter.com/msalagha Mohamad Al Agha

    Never deliver what you promised, Always over deliver!

  • http://www.lesfollesaffairesdelolita.blogspot.com Lolita
  • http://www.fouad.fm Fouad Masoud

    My advice would be. if u can pull it on your own! then do it without getting anybody involved. if not try to find the best freelancers. (that's during idea development)

    When it sees the light my advice is to focus on legal and healthy ways to generate traffic (Loyal traffic) in other words SEO aint everything! and let it take its time. a year aint that long.

    when looking for help my advice would be; never lose a business card and always stay in-touch. BUT be picky!

    Oh and finally lots of people have a lot of S**t to say. just focus on people you know they know; those are people you believe in. sometimes the best tips comes from people who don't know a thing about the business.

    That's what i personally think :)

  • saednashef

    first build what sells, then focus on adding value.

  • http://www.startuparabia.com Mohamed Marwen Meddah

    Thank you all for the shared advice :) Great stuff :)

  • http://www.startuparabia.com Mohamed Marwen Meddah

    Thank you all for the shared advice :) Great stuff :)

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