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FacebookA newly released study by O’Reilly Research, focusing on the numbers of active Facebook users around the world by country and region (August 2009), shows the following numbers coming out of the Middle East & North Africa:

  • 8.3% of active Facebook users come from the Middle East & North Africa, representing a 7.9% penetration.
  • The number of users under 25 years of age represent 60% of active Facebook users in the region.
  • Fastest growth in user adoption in the region is in the 55+ age group.
  • Male users outnumber Female users, with 59% of the user base being male, and 35% Female. (The difference consists in the users who declined to state their gender.)
  • Among the Arab countries, the top 10 countries in active Facebook user numbers are:
    • Egypt (1,820,000)
    • Saudi Arabia (920,000)
    • Morocco (860,000)
    • UAE (840,000)
    • Tunisia (690,000)
    • Lebanon (680,000)
    • Jordan (490,000)
    • Kuwait (220,000)
    • Qatar (160,000)
    • Palestine (150,000)

facebook active MENA users

The numbers were determined based on user IP addresses for location, as well as user supplied demographics (age, gender, etc.)

For more details and numbers, you can check out the O’Reilly presentation: Active Facebook Users By Country & Region: August 2009.

  • Adham Kurbanov

    try to make own research using google trends and adplanner ) this U can access to 90% internet stats provided by google content network ;)

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  • Craig

    No listing for Libya in that study… very odd, since there are quite a few Libyan blogs and Libyan facebook users, no?

  • Hesham

    Egyptians are one million far a way on top of the list, is it because they are too many population?!

  • rasha

    The top 10 Arab countries should be listed in relative to population…

  • rasha

    The top 10 Arab countries should be listed in relative to population…

  • Alloush

    I believe doing this report based on ip is wrong, they should look for the location of the profiles, all Syrian use Saudi proxy to access facebook, that's mean Saudi result is not accurate.

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