NaqaTube: A “Purified” Collection Of YouTube Videos

| Aug 27, 2009 | comment 6 Comments

NaqaTubeNaqaTube is a service that was launched a couple of months ago from Saudi Arabia, and that aims to offer a clean alternative to YouTube, preventing youth from watching profane or sexually explicit video clips online. (The word ‘Naqa’ means ‘pure’ in Arabic.)

The site features a collection of “clean” and edited clips from YouTube, cutting out all profanities or sexually explicit clips, as well as censoring videos that are deemed negative towards to the Kingdom’s government, scholars and citizens in general.

In keeping with strict religious guidelines, clips that have music are edited and their music removed, while images of women are banned. NaqaTube visitors are also able to edit their own clips through the site before uploading them online.

Much of the material on the site is religiously inclined and the site’s front page displays links to over 10 channels mainly featuring scholars, preachers, children and other Islamic-related material.


According to one of the moderators of NaqaTube, the site has received nearly 5,000 to 6,000 visitors since its launch two months ago.

NaqaTube was created by Saudi web development company House.

  • moh

    LOOOOOL, i can't seem to stop laughing here …

  • slim

    Holy shit! WTF Purity? I thought the concept died by the end of WW2.

  • Mounir

    I hope they go bankrupt soon. Maybe they’ll realize how morally bankrupt they themselves are in the process. Retards.

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  • AVA

    While the concept might be a bit awkward for some. No one is forcing this to be a complete replacement of YouTube. The idea is that YouTube is full of stuff not suitable for children or rather extremely unethical by Saudi Arabia's standards. Just another website, not really “funny”…

  • Rachid

    Good job! Following the path of Allah and good morals is the right thing. And there will be always somebody who hates that way.

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