BarCamp Algeria, Med&Com, Algiers, September 26th ’09

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BarCamp Alger 3Algiers will soon be witnessing the 3rd edition of BarCamp Algeria that will be held at Med&Com headquarters (1, Rue des cousins Gouraya. 16330 Birkhadem, Alger) on Saturday, September 26th 2009 at 13:00.

The BarCamp Alger is an initiative organized by a group of passionate technology players eager to make their contributions to the development of the ICT sector in Algeria.

BarCamp is open to all Algerian entrepreneurs, workers, and geeks to share, collaborate, discuss, exchange offer, in a friendly yet organized environment.

Under the slogan “Together, I am Stronger“, the working group will be putting forward the skills and expertise of its members and contributes through a collaborative study of real projects, to provide solutions and recommendations which will define the objectives of the community, and draw the first outlines of the an ICT association in Algeria.

Some of the topics that some of the participants will be talking about are:

  • The digital divide and the role of the web in the daily Algerian life.
  • User interface design.
  • New web professions (Project Manager, Integrator, Editor.) and their places in the Algerian company.
  • Definition and preparation of an ICT observatory.
  • Future of business applications in Algeria (both web and desktop) (Potential and prospects in the economic and legal context.)
  • RIA / RDA (Rich Internet / Desktop Applications) potential in different markets (B2B, B2C and consumer).

People interested in participating and wanting to be part of the community can sign up through the following website: BarCamp Débats & Idées (FR).

For more information and details about BarCamp Algeria, you can check out the official BarCamp Alger 3 page (FR).

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