Tamtem, A Site To Anonymously Share What’s On Your Mind

| Sep 16, 2009 | comment 3 Comments

tamtemTamtem is a new Arabic service where people can use an anonymous name to post their everyday anecdotes, embarrassing or weird situations from their lives, as well as get certain secrets off their chests and share it all with the world.

The site follows pretty much the same concept as FMyLife, and adopts a similar look. It allows people to post their little bits and pieces describing the situations they’ve gone through or the secrets they’re hiding, and then people get to read them, comment and vote on them, either showing their support and understanding or implying that the person deserved it.

The service also enables users to start following one another to keep track of their different posts, or to send direct messages in private to each other, adding another social networking angle to it.

The posts are organized under different categories, from love related to embarrassing to political to work related and more, and also classified by country, to make it easier for people to find posts about a certain topic or from a certain country.


The service which was launched from Jordan is in Arabic only, and targets users from all around the Arab world. Staying true to the spirit of the service, where people can unload their experiences anonymously, the founders also want to remain anonymous for the time being.

  • http://www.ahmadfahad.com/ afahad

    I noticed a while ago a similar service called http://www.simplyconfess.com/ which, after expressing my admiration for on twitter was pointed to a similar service targetting Arabic speaking users called http://secretbox.me/ .
    The first I believe is based out of Lebanon, the second KSA.

  • anonymous :)

    the founders are not so anonymous… it doesn't take a genius to know it's the jeeran team!

  • anonymous

    I think there is a better one out there, http://www.fadfadly.com

    It is based out of egypt and its a truly wonderful idea with a live confession option as well

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