Qanawati, Check Flight Details & Availability Using SMS

| Oct 16, 2009 | comment 1 Comment

QanawatiQanawati (‘My Channels’ in Arabic) is a new mobile based service that was just launched from Saudi Arabia by Remal IT, allowing you to check for flight reservation availability via SMS.

The service enables you to check for the availability of seats to be reserved specifically for the following airlines: Saudi AirlinesNas air and Sama; as well as for all airlines using IATA data.

Other than that, the service also makes it possible to check the details and status of a specific flight by entering the flight number, and if needed the specific date for it.

Another available option is  to check the arrival/departure activity in Saudi airports to see what planes are coming in or leaving on that day and the details of the flights.


The service is based on premium rated sms messages, and currently works with Mobily and Zain, with STC support on the way.

  • Brandy Thompson

    Now we can check the flight details and availability using our mobile. Another good done by the mobile and communication developer. Travelers can now check the flights just using their mobile.

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