Bayarat, An Arabic Online Media Content Search Engine

| Nov 11, 2009 | comment 5 Comments

BayaratBayarat is a new media search engine that was recently launched in its alpha version catering to the Arab world and aiming to make it easier to search for and find Arabic media content online.

Bayarat is currently only indexing video content from around the web and across online video sharing portals, with plans to add more types of media content in the near future.

A translation layer is integrated into the search engine in order to enable it to search for the same term in Arabic, English, French and Spanish; to broaden the search and return all relevant results.

One of the integrated features to enhance the search experience is an Arabic spell-checker, that suggests corrections for misspelled words that users type into the search box, in order to help them find better results for their searches.


The search engine has already crawled and indexed over 3 Millions videos ever since its launch just about a month ago. The site’s interface is available in both Arabic and English.

Bayarat was created and launched by Monther AbuShaikh, who previously brought us TweetShell, and is also CTO at Ikbis, the popular Arab video and photo sharing service.

  • Samir Sayyad

    I don't completely get it. Why do we need this? Are Google,bing,ajnad,yamli,msn etc.. not good enough?

    The editor/writer of this article, need to write about new stuff/breakthroughs. Unfortunately, I have been disappointed with you lately. All you write about is immitations and ..

    I mean, what does bayarat give the Arabic user that the above don't?
    Also, who is searching for media only except those looking for entertainment. Most users are searching for text..

    We need something new for the arabic web. This is not .

  • Abz

    Bayarat index arabic content more than those , it indexed all maktoob ,jeeran,d1g and ikbis videos and some of youtube videos , it indexed more than 2.5 millions videos so far.
    To get the difference try searching for this keyword “shame on you”
    at google ,bing and bayarat
    check how bayarat results are including some resukts based on the meaning , not only the text .
    the website is still beta and more features are coming soon .

  • Samir Sayyad

    Thanks for clarifying this to me. Now, I get it. Aplogies to the editor/writer of the article and Bayart. It seems promising..

    My only wish is that Bayarat indexes only good and descent content.


  • search engine for video

    i think this is good site and more good idea for seo site!

  • Suma

    That’s totally what I am planning to reply with :)

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