GoNabit, An Online Group-Buying Platform For The Region

| Jun 9, 2010 | comment 4 Comments

GoNabitGoNabit is a new online group-buying platform, that was recently launched for the region from Dubai, and that helps people come together to save and discover locally with some really interesting deals.

Each day GoNabit features one huge deal per city; People sign-up online to receive the deals, and if they wish to participate in the deal they do so using their credit card. Once the minimum number of buyers is reached the deal tips, the credit card gets charged, and GoNabit sends the buyer their voucher. Buyers then print their voucher and redeem it with the local merchant.

Each deal is only available for a limited time, and if the minimum number of buys is not reached before the deal closes, no one is charged, but no one gets the deal either.

The idea is really simple and effective, harnessing the power of collective buying to push the prices down and get great deals for everyone. And not only does it provide a way for people to save money through the presented deals, but it also helps them discover fun local activities that they can enjoy.

GoNabit Deal

GoNabit has been launched in Dubai, and will be following up with a launch in Abu Dhabi soon, with plans to offer deals to users in ten regional cities before year-end.

The project was formed in January 2010 by Dan Stuart and Sohrab Jahanbani, both experienced technology insiders and entrepreneurs. The company is headquartered in Dubai, UAE with an office in Guelph, Canada.

It is backed by initial funding led by Bayt.com, making Bayt.com majority owner and at the same time enabling GoNabit to leverage Bayt.com’s well-established regional scale and contacts.

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  • Gregd

    Concept copied from groupon.com.. even the website looks exactly the same…….lame very lame….why dont come up with a need idea….


  • http://www.chargerbuy.com Marina

    Group buying, indeed, a very hot concept right now, but what i concerned about is if there is a group buying platform or more exactly group buy marketplace where a store owner like me can publish my products, so others can purchase it at lower price????

  • Anonymous

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    I wonder what these latest acquisitions and take overs mean for the UAE market. I regularly shop at moosavings.com but if it was snatched up by a bigger fish in the market, would less competition leave me better off or worse off?

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