ITIDA And Vodafone Egypt Launch MobileAppsAcademy For Egyptian Mobile Developers

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MobileAppsAcademyEgypt’s Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) is partnering up with Vodafone Egypt to launch MobileAppsAcademy, a contest and a program for sponsoring developers of mobile programs and applications in Egypt.

The initiative aims at preparing a generation of talented developers and helping them generate innovative ideas conforming to the needs of the Egyptian and Middle Eastern market.

Another purpose of this initiative is to highlight Egypt as a regional hub for projects and ideas and to encourage the creation of high-quality mobile applications. It aims to work on raising the local production through encouraging and sponsoring the skills of local developers, offering opportunities for talented Egyptians and turning their ideas into real projects that can contribute to the development of the ICT sector.

Both ITIDA and Vodafone Egypt will be evaluating ideas submitted to the program and selecting the most suitable ones based on the technical skills of the applicants and the quality of ideas and proposed projects.

The selected developers will get access to an 800 square meter space at the Egyptian technology cluster in Smart Village, and will be provided with computers and internet connectivity to facilitate their work.

Vodafone Egypt will also offer the program participants, in cooperation with its web arm Sarmady, workshops and training sessions and a number of other skills in several fields including marketing, planning, development and others throughout the contest duration.

The winning projects will be selected by the end of the program based on several criteria including the level of innovation and the marketability of the project. Every contestant will be requested to publish his or her application on an app store, with a revenue-sharing model (70% revenues for the developer).

Contestants must be Egyptian, not older than 33 years, and not owners or partners in any company. Employees at mobile companies or ITIDA aren’t allowed to join the program too.

The plan is to select a total of 500 contestants to join the program in this first year. The top 20 successful academy graduates will be invited to submit their business plans for incubation in ITIDA’s Technology Incubation Program (TIP). The three most successful projects will be funded by as much as $750,000.

The deadline for receiving applications is July 25th, 2010. Applicants can apply online through the MobileAppsAcademy site.

  • Guyver2008

    How can i join ???
    i want numbers or any cellphone numbers ????
    am in the last year communication engineering
    Our project is implementation IEEE 802.21 standard and mobile program which implement it

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