Loomn.it, A New Quick Online Sharing Service

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loomnitLoomn.it (pronounced Loomnit) is a new easy to use, online sharing service that will be launching today and aims to provide users with a simple way to share anything with anyone; whether it be links, email addresses, images, videos, documents or any other digital content.

Through a very simplistic interface, users will be able to input the link for what they need to share or upload it directly to the cloud and then start sharing it with their friends on Facebook, twitter, google buzz or anywhere else on the web.

Users do not need to register for an account on the site to be able to use it, and don’t have any usage limits or quotas they have to keep within. They can start sharing right away and have their shared items live for 14 days to pass among their friends.

Once a person opens up a loomn.it link (e.g. http://loomn.it/c8); the shared page, text, image or file is displayed in a framed page with the top loomn.it frame providing stats on how many times the shared item was viewed, as well as options to share the item with others.


Loomnit makes a point that it is not a url shortener, even though it does provide a handy shortened url as part of the service, but rather a simple sharing tool that is ideal for those moments when users want to share things quickly, without the hassle of using email or any other tools.

The tool is being launched today in English, but the Arabic version will be following in a few days time.

Loomn.it was founded by the Lebanese, Dubai-based, Nagi Salloum, an ex-Googler who held the role of regional marketing manager at the company, and who left the company in 2009 to pursue his own entrepreneurial dreams.

Nagi has shared some insights on another big launch coming up very soon for a really exciting project he’s been working on; keep posted for more details about it soon.

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