Video: O-Minds Presents FlashFirebug At DemoCamp Dubai

| Jun 24, 2010 | comment 1 Comment

O-MindsO-Minds is a Jordan-based IT company with a focus on open source and web development. They’re active participants in the Drupal community, and work on advanced Adobe Flash development.

Ashraf Amayreh from O-Minds was the first startup person to present at the DemoCamp Dubai event that was held on June 23rd at Dubai Knowledge Village’s Auditorium, and the main focus of the demo and presentation was a tool called FlashFirebug that the company built to help Web and Flash developers.

FlashFirebug is inspired from the highly popular Firebug add-on for Firefox that enables developers to go under the hood of their web pages and debug them straight from the browser; However Firebug hits a wall when it comes to Flash, and that’s where FlashFirebug comes in.

FlashFirebug was built to go on and cover that specific area of weakness for Firebug, giving a similar set of debugging possibilities for Flash files that are embedded on web pages, and enabling developers to dig into the details of these Flash files and debug them on the fly right through the browser.

For the time being, for FlashFirebug to work there are a couple of lines of code that have to be included in the original Flash file before it is compiled into a swf file.

Another topic that was touched upon in the presentation is the use of Unity to create rich virtual 3D environments that can be accessed online through the web browser, and how the company is looking at diving more into this area to create rich experiences around places and more.

The following is a video of the O-Minds presentation at the DemoCamp event.

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