Quirkat Launches Fantasy Football Game On Facebook

| Jun 12, 2010 | comment 1 Comment

Quirkat Fantasy FootballQuirkat, the Middle Eastern game development studio has announced the launch of a new online ‘Fantasy Football’ game just in time for the South Africa 2010 World Cup.  The game was developed exclusively for the Facebook platform and can be played in Arabic, English or French.

The game offers players the range of features they’d come to expect out of a fantasy football game. They’ve also featured all 736 players from the 32 teams participating in this summer’s World Cup in South Africa in a visual playing environment.

As users play on in the game, their teams are ranked against a number of real-world player events, such as scoring, successful defending, and bonus points for Man of the Match stature.

The game also allows users to create their own leagues in which they can compete head to head against selected friends.

The integration with facebook offers Quirkat an opportunity to tap into the social network’s wide reach as it makes it easier for players to pull their friends into the game creating a viral effect, but it also opens up other possibilities where users can use micro-transactions to increase their team budgets by sending and receiving virtual currency among friends, or to top up the player transfer quota as the game progresses.

Quirkat Fantasy Football

After the World Cup is over, Quirkat sees their fantasy football game going on to serve football league enthusiasts across Europe and the Middle East.

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