Video: The Question Company Presents SMS Based Q&A Service At DemoCamp Dubai

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The Question CompanyThe Question Company is a UAE based company that provides a question and answer sms-based service, that enables users in the UAE to sms any question to them and get an answer back in a few minutes time.

The guidelines to use the service are really simple, you basically just think of a question, text it to the number 4644 and then wait for them to send you the reply back. The target on their side is to have replies sent out in less than 10 minutes, and they say their current average is 6.55 minutes.

The service is available for both Etisalat and Du subscribers and costs 3 Dirhams per question, answering all types of questions, but refraining from providing any legal, financial or medical advice.

SMS messages sent to their Dubai office go through a bespoke computer system, and are passed on to the first free person in the team, with six people available in the team at any time around the clock.
All asked questions are also saved in the system for future reference, even though the company aims to have a good level of personalization for every answer they send out.

The Question Company was launched at the beginning of April 2010, and is run by Andrew Meikle (Founder, Managing Partner) and James Oliver (Sales & Marketing Manager).

The Question Company was one of the startups presenting at the last DemoCamp Dubai, and the following is the video of their presentation.

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