Video: Twtrtales Collaborative Story Writing Through Tweets At DemoCamp Dubai

| Jun 30, 2010 | comment 2 Comments

twtrtalesTwtrtales is a new project that was launched out of the UAE, which aims to enable collaborative story writing through tweets.

Users would basically get to start a new hashtag for a story, and then they’d start contributing to writing the story one tweet at a time by appending that hashtag. On the site, readers would be able to say whether they like a specific contribution or not, and through that decide what goes into the story and what doesn’t.

So in essence, it’s a new kind of publishing platform that hopes to unite tweeters/writers of all kinds, to create and tell stories, which could be general stories or written for a specific cause.

All contributions are considered intellectual property of the contributors, but will be licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial Share Alike license.

Twtrtales was founded and built by Kedar Iyer, Rami Kayyali and Nagranee Channa.

The team were at DemoCamp Dubai last week where they presented twtrtales. The presentation they gave can be found here, and the following is the video of their presentation.

[Sorry for this video being of lower quality than other ones from the event.]

  • mo'men mohamed..

    seems to be great..try it soon ..hope to be useful..

  • floatr

    Thanks for review and video on TwtrTales. We thoroughly enjoyed ourself at DemoCamp.
    Our real test was yesterday when we starting running out of API rate limits coz' of the 'Whose tweet is it anyway?' improv for #SMDay. Totally caught us off guard. haha!

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