Video: Book Trader For Buying And Selling Text Books At DemoCamp Dubai

| Jul 2, 2010 | comment 2 Comments

Book TraderBook Trader is a project that was launched by two students at the American University of Dubai, Alexander Fuchs and Jamal Al Bloushi. It’s a website that allows students to buy and sell their used textbooks, the idea being to enable students to save some money on books and make some money out of their used ones.

The website is only available within the AUD (American University of Dubai) campus for the time being, but the founders hope to be able to expand it to other universities and publicly for all students.

As is the case with other online trading services, students can go onto the site and add the books they have and want to sell, putting in all the details for them and how much they want to sell them for. On the other hand, users can search through the site for books they have to buy for their courses and find what available options exist, what their prices are and pick what they need..

When a book is to be sold, the buyer and seller’s contact information is exchanged and the transactions is carried on offline.

The following is the Book Trader presentation at DemoCamp Dubai last week.

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