Tadarrab.com: An Internship Portal For The Arab World

| Jul 11, 2010 | comment 1 Comment

TadarrabTadarrab.com is a new service that was launched from Jordan and that aims to be an internship portal / guide for the Arab world, linking companies and interns.

This is made possible through a platform that was built to enable companies to post and promote their available internship opportunities, and on the other hand make it easy for fresh graduates and students to find these opportunities and apply for them as interns.

The goal of the service is of course to try and help youth to find interesting internship opportunities in different companies, in order to start gathering work experience and begin paving their career path. It also helps companies open up their internship positions to a wider group of people enabling them to find and pick better candidates who might go on to become full time team members in the future.


Tadarrab.com is a product of Ideation Box, the same company that previously launched Nakhweh, the volunteer matching portal that was reviewed here. In fact, the need for this kind of service was identified while working with youth and students through the Nakhweh project.

Tadarrab.com’s basic internship posting services will be offered to all companies for free until the end of 2010. As for applying for these internship opportunities, they should always be for free.

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