DuShare: A Simple P2P Direct File Transfer Service

| Aug 17, 2010 | comment 4 Comments

duShareduShare is a simple P2P direct file transfer service that aims to make the act of sending files between people as easy and effective as possible.

The service enables users to send files of unlimited size to one another though the system, and without having to go through uploading the file to a central server in the process. File transfers are handled through a peer to peer, secure direct transfer connection between the sender and the receiver.

Also as connections are direct between users and don’t go through any central server, files and chats aren’t monitored or viewed by duShare, which gives users a bit of extra privacy.

Basically, the way it works is the sender goes to the site, clicks on the send a file button, choose the file they want to send, and then they get a code/url generated on the site to give to the receiver so they can start receiving the file. The receiver either uses the given code on the site by clicking on the claim a file button, or clicks on the direct link provided by the sender to start receiving the file. A secure connection is established between the two and the file starts transferring.

duShare Screenshot

The sender can choose to further protect the transfer by setting a password for it that they can communicate to the receiver for use when they claim the file.

While the file transfers, the service provides the sender and receiver with an integrated chat window, with a private session open between them; which should come in handy to discuss the file being sent, work that needs to be done around it, hints to help use or read the file …etc.

The service is quite an interesting one, and should come in handy especially for bigger file transfers in shorter times. The interface is pretty simple, slick and straightforward; and the fact that the site doesn’t require registration means users can start sending files easily right away.

duShare is a service of DuLeaf, a company that was founded in July 2010 and is based in Dubai Silicon Oasis in Dubai, UAE.

  • http://twitter.com/dwairi Osama A. Dwairi

    Cool idea, but why would I go for using this service while having skype, a widely used, trusted and known application.

  • wissam

    Osama, try it and you will know the difference :)

    One small correction:

    “duShare is a service of DuLeaf, a company that was founded in July, 2010 and is based in Dubai Silicon Oasis in Dubai, UAE”.

  • 7d5

    Osama: As widely used as you think skype is, I don’t think that its use is even wider than your typical web bowser :)

    DuShare is, unfortunaetly, not an original idea. PipeBytes (http://host01.pipebytes.com/) are the original idea owners.

    Its a shame to see so much time and money put into such a neatly designed and programmed unoriginal idea.

    The real question is…Are we suffering from a lack creativity?

  • http://ystrdy.com/ Sabeur Thabti

    because not everyone shares with their skype contacts

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