Euro-Mediterranean School 2010 Open For Entrepreneurs’ Applications

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The Euro-Mediterranean School (EMS), which is an initiative that aims to offer young entrepreneurs from the Euromed countries an opportunity to follow a learning program in the field of business management and entrepreneurship, has opened up applications for the fifth “Introduction to Entrepreneurship” course taking place this year.

EMS was founded by the Milan Chamber of Commerce, the Lombardy Region, and the Fondazione per la Sussidiarietà (‘Foundation for Subsidiarity’). These sponsoring bodies offer full scholarships to all participants covering travel costs, room and board, tuition fee and teaching materials for the entire duration of the course.

In 2010 EMS will host the fifth edition of the course “Introduction to Entrepreneurship”, in which the Chambers of Commerce of Naples and Reggio Calabria will also participate.The sponsoring bodies offer full scholarships to all participants, covering travel costs, room and board and teaching materials for the duration of the course.

EMS 2010 aims to offer young managers from the countries bordering on the Mediterranean Sea an opportunity to obtain the entrepreneurial and managerial skills necessary to start and/or develop a business capable of operating in multiple markets within the Mediterranean Basin.

EMS 2010 is divided into two phases:

A. Distance Learning (from October 19th to November 26th, 2010), compatible with one’s work responsibilities, in which each student participates via web. This phase consists of an on-line course intitled “Business Strategy, International Growth and the Business Plan”.The course will be made up of video lessons, business testimonials, exercises, case presentations and group discussion forums. A tutor will follow the progress of the course and guide the group discussions.

B. Business Education and Networking, (from February 14th to March 11th, 2010), in which the top students from the distance learning program will be invited to spend 4 weeks in Italy.
This part of the program will involve an extention of the course of study already undertaken online, and will add an intensive business networking experience.

The program is designed for young people with strong leadership and business potential who desire to open new business ventures, assume a leadership role in their company’s or country’s international strategy, or create opportunities for foreign businesses to establish commercial relationships within their country of origin.

From among the Arab countries, participants are invited from the following countries: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Syria, and Tunisia.

Among the entry requirements: At minimum a bachelor’s degree in business, economics, law, or related subjects; An excellent command of both spoken and written English; A maximum age of 35 years; and a disposition toward international and multicultural teamwork.

For more details about the program, you can check out this pdf file: EMS 2010

  • moh

    Oops! Page Not Found (Error 404)

  • Mohamed Marwen Meddah

    Where do you mean? The PDF file link? Because I just checked it and it’s working. Thanks for providing a bit more detail.

  • Jafar Hajeer

    I feel it strange for IT graduates not to be allowed to apply!!

  • moh

    no.. the first link in the article (The Euro-Mediterranean School EMS)

  • Mshalabi

    omg.. where did you read that they are not allowed??
    I have read in the PDF file: At minimum a bachelor’s degree in business, economics, law, or related subjects
    so I think IT is one of the related subjects.. isn’t it?

  • Mohamed Marwen Meddah

    Ah yes, seems the link died. Have removed it until I find a live one. Thanks for letting me know.

  • moh

    Thanks Mohamed for making Startuparabia the best Arab startups blog.

  • Darine

    Yes iT is a related subject, my friend applied last year and she has an IT degree and she got accepted )

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