N2V Announces Investment In Emirati Startup Yebab

| Aug 23, 2010 | comment 1 Comment

YebabNational Net Ventures N2V, one of the top internet groups in the Middle East just announced its investment in Yebab.com, the Arab portal specialized in organizing wedding celebrations in the United Arab Emirates.

Rashid Al Ballaa, CEO of N2V, stated that the project comes in line with the group’s current and future plans to expand its presence at the regional and the international levels. The plan is obviously to enhance the portal’s growth and presence, expanding it into other Arab Gulf countries, and the rest of the Middle East region, establishing it as the most trusted wedding directory in the Arab world.

Yebab.com, which was launched from the UAE in 2009, has proven really successful in the UAE, becoming a leading portal providing a directory of wedding services in the country; including listings for the various suppliers and services from caterers to dressmakers, artists, photographers and traditional musicians. The site shows strong potential to perform just as well and more in other markets around the region.

Yebab co-founder, Murshed Mohamed said that this investment will enable the team to improve the service and upgrade its quality for users

N2V who also hold HawaaWorld.com in their portfolio, see a big possibility of establishing a seamless integration between the two services, in order to offer bigger value to Arab women online.

This investment in Yebab comes as part of N2V’s new investment program that targets early and growth stage web ventures around the region, mainly Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan and Egypt.

National Net Ventures (N2V) is an internet holding company, whose core business is to develop online and interactive web-based ventures. N2V invests capital in a variety of ventures from startups to more established companies; also offering infrastructure, resources, experience and know-how to these companies to accelerate their growth.

The amount of the investment hasn’t been disclosed publicly.

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