The importance of laser beam focus

| Aug 22, 2010 | comment Leave a comment
This post is by Nagi Salloum, founder of Loomni, a Dubai based knowledge sharing & educational platform.

I can’t stress enough the importance of business focus. Lack of focus can literally make or break your business, especially as a young fragile startup, with limited resources.  It is very important to focus on your core strength, on your unique selling proposition, on a specific feature set, on your specific target audience, core product… whatever it is, just focus all your energy on that one thing and become the best at it.

When laying out the business model, and the financial forecast, it is easy to assume that out of all your potential customer base, you will get x% and project some monthly revenue numbers around them. However, when it comes to starting up a business, although focusing on revenue is a great thing, it is still not focused enough.

Consider focusing more by asking: which target audience is it best to focus on? which sector or industry? which product will you sell? Once you identify your target audience, sector and product, my tip is to go even a level deeper: Focus on getting 1 customer first, just 1 customer. Focus all your efforts, resources on getting that first customer. Hustle, follow up and do anything to close that first deal. Then, and only then, move on and focus on getting the 2nd customer, then 5 customers, then 10 and so on…

As a startup founder, It’s so easy to fall in the trap of doing many things at once, seeing all the business opportunities ahead and wanting to grab them all immediately. With patience and laser sharp focus you will be eventually able to get where you want.

But remember, laser beam focus and hit hard with all your resources.

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