YallaWain: A New Kuwaiti Social Dining Out Service

| Sep 23, 2010 | comment 1 Comment

YallaWainYallaWain is a new social networking service that was launched in Kuwait, and that revolves around the experience of dining out; helping people pick what places to go to and what to have.

The service describes itself as a new way for people to mix and tip-off each other about the finest restaurants and top dishes in Kuwait; which sums it up quite nicely.

Basically, the site is built around user reviews and ratings of the different restaurants and eateries in the country, their ratings of the different dishes those places serve on their menus, and tips they leave for other fellow diners.

The service also integrates a social aspect that enables users to follow their friends and contacts on the service, in order to get a more personal touch and receive their different tips and reviews, as well as what restaurants are their favorite ones.

The site is entirely based on users generating the content through their contributions, building up a database of reviews and recommendations, both for restaurants and the different dishes they serve as well.


YallaWain opts for a simple, light and really nice design; that is easy to navigate around, enabling users to find places to eat and dishes through choosing location, type of food or the country the food is from. They can also use the search engine to search directly for a restaurant or dish they have in mind.

The service was launched in beta just a few days ago on an invite only basis, and already features more than 450 dishes and 70 restaurants in Kuwait. The site is available in English only for the time being.

YallaWain was founded by Hamad Aljudai in 2010, and took around six months to build before this launch.

  • http://intheloop.me Rony El-Nashar

    Awesome job by Hamad. I love the design too. They’ll have to scale across the GCC or MENA to turn it into into something significant though. Great first step though! Keep it up.

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