Areeb: A Free Arabic E-Learning Project Providing Video Lessons

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Areeb School is a new non-profit educational project for the Arab world, which aims to provide good education for all Arabic speakers, at different stages of their lives and covering various topics and natural sciences.

The site aims to  explain the various scientific subjects of mathematics, physics, chemistry and others in a simplified and easy to understand manner, all in the form of short video clips that do not exceed 15 minutes, that should be enough to simply deliver the information and get it across to the learners.

The goal of the site is to build and provide an extensive library of tutorial videos that cover hundreds of explanations and lessons in various fields of science; this is to facilitate access to information and clearly explain all these topics to a large number of people from around the Arab world, whatever their financial situation is or how advanced the  educational system is in their countries.

The site also gives subscribed users the ability to comment on the lessons and post their questions on the topics covered in the lesson.

The user interface is very easy, providing a highlighted video and beneath it all the newly added lessons; that is followed by the different sections available on the site with links to go in and view the classes beneath them.

As mentioned above, Areeb School is a non-profit project, so the site and the provided lessons are free of charge. Subscriptions to the site are also free for anyone.

The service relies on Khan Academy for the preparation of educational material in the form of videos and explanations on the site.

The site is available in Arabic only and is built and managed by the Saudi based Remal IT, a web services and applications company that was founded in 2005, and owns and operates a network of social networking sites and Internet applications.

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