Mobily Launches Developers Community To Enrich Arabic Mobile Applications & Content

| Oct 11, 2010 | comment 2 Comments

Saudi Arabia’s second mobile operator Mobily (Etihad Etisalat) has launched a new project dubbed “Mobily Developers Community” that aims to help developers build mobile applications and software that support Arabic content.

It’s been a hot topic in almost every web or mobile event in the region that there is a big lack in Arabic applications and content, and Mobily hopes this project will play a role in enriching the offering of Arabic content available.

The program is focused on encouraging developers, both professionals and hobbyists, as well as software companies, to unleash their talents and develop quality apps with valuable content for the different smartphone platforms. They also wish for it to become a club for Arabian software talent where members can get their hands on all the resources they might need to create innovative mobile apps.

Obviously Mobily also hopes that the website at the center of this initiative will grow to become the world’s largest Arabic content and app website.

Mobily will take on the task of publicizing and promoting developers’ apps to encourage them to produce the best apps, and will be posting the best applications under its own page on the Apple Store for example.

Mobily also promises outstanding developers generous incentives, and plans to offer members a number of perks from Mobily to encourage them and refine their abilities.

It seems there’s one unfortunate restriction though and that is that developers who want to join the community of developers have to be based in Saudi Arabia as the registration requires a scanned copy of a Saudi ID or residency. Not sure why this restriction exists, I think it limits the potential of the platform to grow and become a central destination for the region.

Update: In the comment section below, Mr. Medhat Amer, CIO of Mobily & CEO of Mobily Info Tec, informed us that phase 1 of the project was for Saudi Arabia only, but that the project would open up to developers from across the region in its second phase.

  • Medhat Amer

    The first phase is for developers in Saudi Arabia. Phase 2 will be open for all. It is a very ambitious project and we believe it will be a great tool to showcase the talent of developers in our region.

  • Mohamed Marwen Meddah

    Thank you very much for the clarification, that’s great to hear; I’ve updated the post accordingly.

    Btw is there a set timeline for when phase 2 would start or would it depend on how things go with the current phase 1?

    Best wishes of success to you and Mobily for this important project.

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