Msrofi: An Arabic Personal Finance Tool To Track Your Budget

| Oct 5, 2010 | comment Leave a comment

Msrofi is a an Arabic personal finance tool that was created to help users keep an eye on their budgets and cash-flow; to be able to track their income and where they’re spending their money.

In a region where users are still weary of buying online, let alone sharing private information such as their finances, it is quite a challenge for a service like this from the get go; but still Hala Deeb and Mohammed Zaher Ghaibeh from Syrian web company Creative Web Group seem to have taken on that challenge head on by building and launching Msrofi.

The product is simply designed, and should be pretty straightforward for users to create their different categories and record their sources of income as well as their spending under those categories in multiple currencies. Everything has to be added manually at this stage, and that is obviously because of limitations with the banks and banking systems, as well as due to the lack of resources.

The system also generates reports and graphs that give the user an overview of how things are looking with their budget and how things are looking for their income vs. their expenses.

On the side there’s also a companion blog where finance related news and information that could in handy for users is posted; a Chrome extension has also been released in beta for it, that allows users to get the posts from the blog directly in their browsers.

The service was launched a bit earlier this year, so has been around for only a few months, and has been able to get over 1000 members using it already. It might sound like a modest number compared to the numbers other services boast, but taking into consideration the sensitivity of the information people are putting online on this service and that not much marketing was done for it, it’s quite good for a start and it’ll be worth watching how things develop.

Msrofi is free to sign up to and use, and is available in Arabic only. As mentioned previously, it is based out of Syria and was built by Creative Web Group, a Syrian company founded by Mohammed Zaher Ghaibeh and Hala Deeb.

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