Tasree3 Expand Their Food Delivery Search Engine To Riyadh

| Oct 1, 2010 | comment 2 Comments

Tasree3 is a simple and straightforward search engine that enables its users to search for and find the delivery numbers and menus for the different restaurants around town.

The design of the site is very simplistic, centered around a search box that enables users to search for the restaurant they want. There also is a Random button that randomly picks and suggests a restaurant for you, which should come in handy at times when you’re having a hard time picking what to have.

Suggestions are shown as you type your search query, and when you submit your search the results appear directly under the search box without loading another page, showing you the delivery number and providing a link for you to view the menu if you need to. The menu pops up as a layer on the page for you to browse through.

The service also lists the promos and offers that are available at the different restaurants, both on a general page listing all promos as well as on through a link for every individual restaurant. Only one special offer gets featured on the frontpage right above the search engine.

The site also lists the different cuisines available for quick access to restaurants that provide that type of cuisine.

An integration of the Facebook Like button on the different restaurant listings shows you how many people like that specific restaurant, as always showing you your contacts first.

Tasree3 was first launched in Jordan last year by Zeid Haddadin, and only covered restaurants in Jordan initially, with the interface available in both English and Arabic.
Now the site is being launched for Riyadh, Saudi Arabia too, although only the Arabic interface seems to be available for that city.

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