TechWadi Marks Launch Of Entrepreneurship Initiative In Egypt

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On October 25-26th, 2010; TechWadi, the Silicon Valley-based non-profit organization working to promote entrepreneurship in the Arab world, will be hosting two days of free events that are focused on developing the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem in Egypt and the MENA region.

On October 25th, at the Smart Village Convention Center in Cairo, Egypt; hundreds of entrepreneurs, executives and investors will join together at the Rising Tide Forum to build their networks, discover synergies, and learn from US and regional business leaders. [Agenda]

Panel leaders will address targeted topics of direct value to entrepreneurs and investors alike: venture capital and angel financing best practices; challenges and opportunities in Egypt; the role of mentors, incubators, and entrepreneurship education; mobile and Facebook applications; enterprise software; and a host of proven strategies ready to be transplanted into the MENA region.

On October 26th, at the AUC School of Business’ new Cairo Campus; a business investors roundtable event will be held, that will mark the launch of the TechWadi 100 mentorship program, through which pre-selected entrepreneurs will meet with TechWadi mentors at AUC School of Business for a mentorship day; finessing business plans, tackling entrenched challenges, and discovering avenues for collaboration and expansion. [Agenda]

The events are also meant to celebrate the launch of a PlugandPlay Incubator in Cairo, another important step towards creating a world-class entrepreneurial ecosystem. PlugandPlay aims to house hundreds of entrepreneurs in the next three years, while TechWadi’s focus will be on mentoring, financing and accelerating the growth of the most promising start-ups.

Anyone interested in attending the events can register directly on the TechWadi site for the Rising Tide forum and the Leadership panel of the AUC event.


    Great event, read about it on Twitter:

    We will post conference wrap-up on soon!

  • Ahmad

    I am just wondering, cant these companies learn from Microsoft experience in Egypt. the quality is poor and talents are very seldom even they have more than 80 m as population…

    I believe Lebanon and Jordan are the best hub for IT talent and all investments should go there.. Egypt has a lot of corruptions and its not easy to maintain success there unless you are one of the parliament members.. i do believe companies should revise their investment strategies before rush into Egypt. Egyptian are well know when their poor quality and week education and infrastructure as well…

  • Joseph

    oh, @ahmad
    What do you know about Egypt? Why you asserted that the “Egyptian are well know (when) their poor quality and week education and infrastructure as well”
    and can you please give us a little brief about microsoft experience in Egypt!?
    and I’am wondering what is the relation between the “parliament” and “entrepreneurship”!?
    I think egypt has great role when it comes to entrepreneurship, and jordan too, actually i feel JORDAN is arising star in this field. i don’t have much information about Lebanon.
    I can smell a little bit of politic intolerance in your comment.

  • Ahmad

    Mr. Joseph,
    I believe you firmly believe in Egyptian poor quality. look at the gulf countries and see the Egyptian expats production…. no one believes in their shit and they just keep talking… there is no intolerance in my comments this is your country reality. i am just wondering how we can invest in a corrupted country like Egypt where everything is owned by Ala Mubarak and the rest of his folks…

    look at Jordan how brilliant and transparent our government through the support of our King and Queen.

    Egypt is bad my friend and you know that 99% in Egypt are just for talking… they don’t deliver at all

    ask Microsoft people about their experience in your market. ask for an honest feedback…

  • Sami-Lebanon

    Go to Hill Egypt

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