Yalla Apps: Microsoft’s MEA Windows Phone 7 Developer Portal

| Apr 3, 2011 | comment Leave a comment

Microsoft announced the launch of “Yalla Apps“, a regional Windows Phone 7 developer portal that Microsoft hopes will serve as an accelerator for the creation, availability and submission of local Windows Phone 7 applications from the developer community across the Middle East and Africa region (MEA), in addition to enabling them to be part of the growing global Windows Phone 7 developer community.

Through Yalla Apps, local developers can submit, participate and distribute their applications through the global marketplace for Windows Phone 7 and move towards monetizing their applications and creating new revenue opportunities.

Yalla Apps will also offer developers the opportunity to download Windows Phone 7 application templates, sample code and components to get a quick start in their application development. Moreover, developers can also upload their own code and share it with the community either on a free or paid basis.

A Forum Module will also be available on Yalla Apps which will allow developers a chance to discuss and get insights into the latest Windows Phone 7 developer tools and enhance their development experience.

The platform is available immediately for developers from around the region. Developers are charged an annual subscription fee of USD$99; these unlock 100 Credits that can be used for application submission and device unlocks. Developers are then required to purchase extra credits in order to submit more applications or unlock more devices.

Students living in one of the focus countries in the Middle East and Africa Region and with a valid DreamSpark email ID can activate their accounts for free and will receive 100 free credits.

Yalla Apps was launched in association with Prototype Interactive, a UAE based digital agency.

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