Mohmal: An Arabic Temporary Disposable Email Address Service

| Sep 7, 2011 | comment 1 Comment

In this online world we’re living in, we’ve all received one too many annoying spam emails in our inboxes, and we’ve all been in front of a subscription form, at one point or another, scratching our heads, thinking if whatever service we’re signing up to is worth the ton of spam “marketing” emails we’re going to be receiving after it.

Other than spam filters that have varying degrees of effectiveness, another nuisance email fighting tool is the use of a disposable email address, that you just use for that one purpose and that you can dispose of later to avoid getting any unwanted emails.

Mohmal is a pretty similar Arabic service, that enables users to quickly create a disposable email address, that temporarily lives and receives emails for 45 minutes and is then deleted.

This takes the disposable email idea an extra step by imposing a time limit on the email address, limiting it to an immediate use, like signing up for a forum or news site, where you just need an email address for a few minutes to be able to receive the activation email, click on the link within it, and then forget about it.

Users have the option to extend the time period an email address is active by resetting the counter to 45 minutes.

The service, not being intended as a full fledged email service, doesn’t bother displaying HTML emails in a well formatted way, it just spits the content out in whatever way it comes up, which in many cases may not be optimal, but still enough to get the trick done.
It does start acting weird though if the email has attachments, but for the target usage, that’s usually not an issue as the emails mostly don’t include attachments.

The project was developed by Mohamed Fares of FaresSoft from Aleppo, Syria.

  • Mafi_mennoh

    and why would I think to a have a new temporary e mail each time I need one. I can create a yahoo e mail for that purposes and keep it even when it is full with spam, I will not check it unless I need the activation e mail massage. 

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