Oasis500 Facilitates Investments In Jordanian Startups Dakwak & Masmoo3

| Sep 7, 2011 | comment 9 Comments

Oasis500, the MENA region focused early stage and seed investment program, has announced two new investment deals for Jordanian startup companies Dakwak and Masmoo3 from its first Angel Investment event, and that the program has also signed a partnership agreement with Akhtaboot.

Dakwak, the startup behind a tool that enables websites to translate their content into over 60 languages, and which was previously reviewed here, received an investment from IV Holdings, resulting in a 300% increase in the Company’s post money valuation.
Dakwak was launched in July 2010 by Waheed Barghouthi, and was incubated by Oasis500 in March 2011.  Waheed Barghouthi is currently CTO at the company, with fellow techie Zaid Amireh in the CEO role.

The aim of the investment in Dakwak is to help the company grow its business to a bigger scale and develop richer features, enabling them to attract even more customers to use their site translation tool.

As for Masmoo3, a startup that produces and distributes Arabic audio books, the angel investment was made by Ihab Al-Ramlawi, Co-Founder of Esnad Development, increasing their post money evaluation by 400% since joining the Oasis500 Angel Network. This marks Al-Ramlawi’s first angel investment in the ICT field; he’ll also be joining the company as its Chairman.
Masmoo3 was launched in early 2011 by current CEO Ala Suleiman and his sister Alaa, to be incubated shortly after by Oasis500.

Masmoo3 has already turned produced audio version of some 30 Arabic books covering a variety of topics. With this investment they aim to establish themselves as a leader in this space, by growing their list of audio books and making them available though several channels such as Apple’s App Store, Google Android and Windows Mobile 7.

Regarding where the Akhtaboot deal fits in; under this new partnership agreement, Oasis500 will be providing all its eligible companies’ websites with Akhtaboot’s Career Connect platform, equipping them with a customized, fully integrated and branded jobs’ section, that will allow them to post unlimited job listings and receive job applications directly onto the Careers’ section of their websites.

In addition, Oasis500 companies will also receive a wide range of online recruitment and social media services to help post their vacancies across the web.

Oasis500′s second Angel Investment Event is scheduled for September 12th, where new startups will be given the opportunity to pitch to and network with attending early-stage, international and local investors.

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