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Seedcamp Week 2009 – Applications Now Open

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SeedcampSeedcamp Week is an intensive week-long event held in London every September and is targeted at young entrepreneurs from across EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa).

Applications are submitted online and based on these, a judging committee will select up to 20 teams to participate in the event.

The focus of this week is around providing an incredible experience for the 20 selected teams. There is a diverse mentor network of serial entrepreneurs, corporates, product designers, venture capitalists, recruiters, marketing specialists, lawyers and accountants that help the selected teams put together the foundations of a viable business.

The aim of this week is to collapse the time it takes startups to make and develop these critical relationships from months to a week and establish an unrivaled foundation on which the business can be built.

At the end of the week the funding decision will be made to invest up to €50K each in 5 teams for a small equity stake (5%-10%). (Sometimes, more than 5 teams are selected.)

The funding amount is purposely kept low enough that teams do not have to give away a large portion of their companies. The idea is to take enough money to develop a great product and build towards a higher valuation. As such preferred stock, board rights, or other rights often required by institutional investors are not asked for.

The three months following Seedcamp Week and the investment, is when the winning teams with the Seedcamp team begin building the product and company together.

The provided funding covers the teams’ move to London for at least three months, in which they are also provided access to services worth 2-3 times the invested €50K. The goal of this 3-month period is to help grow and nurture the teams by providing the same level of intensity and in-depth focus on developing the product and business.

During the course of the three months, the groups will have an opportunity to take advantage of the same ecosystem of experts which participated in the Seedcamp event through weekly dinners, topical lunches, conferences, and continued mentorship on various issues from scaling the business to raising further funding to M&A. Additionally, during the three months, assistance will be provided with all the paperworkto set up a company properly.

Six weeks into the project, a Demo Day is held where teams can show their products to the other groups from Seedcamp and a select group of investors. And eleven weeks into the project, an Investor Day is held where startups can present to potential investors.

For those interesting in knowing more about Seedcamp, check out the Seedcamp website; and those who want to apply can use this Seedcamp application form.

From the Arab region, Content Syndicate participated in Seedcamp Week 2007 and was nominated as one of the top 10 startups out of 260 participating startups from 40 countries.

Blue Ocean Strategy Seminar – July 27th ’09 – Amman (Jordan)

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The Queen Rania Center for Entrepreneurship announced a new event, the Blue Ocean Strategy Seminar, which will be held in the Le Meridien hotel, Amman (Jordan) on July 27th 2009 from 5-7 PM.

Blue Ocean Strategy, for those who haven’t read the great book (by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne), is about how to take your business into new expanding, competitor-free markets “Blue Oceans”, which are unlike “red oceans,” which are well explored and crowded with competitors. “Blue oceans” represent untapped market space and the opportunity for highly profitable growth.

It is about following a strategy of value innovation, focusing on utility, price, and cost positions, to create and capture new demand and to focus on the big picture, not the numbers.

The seminar is made for CEOs, COOs, directors, managing directors, general managers, marketing managers, business development managers, innovation leaders, and entrepreneurs.

The speaker will be Mohammad Ajlouni, one of the few certified Blue Ocean Strategy practitioners.

The seminar is free, and anyone interested can sign up using the form here: Blue Ocean Strategy Public Seminar Registration form.

A full 2-day paid workshop will be following on August 10-11th 2009. Details are available here.

MENA 100 Business Plan Competition: A Call For Arab Innovative Entrepreneurs

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MENA 100The MENA 100 Business Plan Competition, which is organized by the MENA-OECD Enterprise Financing Network, in cooperation with the Islamic Development Bank and the MENA Center for Investment, has just been launched.

The primary objective of the MENA 100 business plan competition is to encourage existing and inspire potential entrepreneurs and connect the 100 best of them in the Middle East and North Africa region with potential sources of finance to generate business transactions.

The MENA 100 Competition addresses innovative entrepreneurs, from the 18 Arab countries participating in the MENA OECD Investment Program (Algeria, Bahrain, Djibouti, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, the United Arab Emirates and Yemen).

What entrepreneurs can expect from the competition:

  • Connect with counterparts from around the region and worldwide to conceive new ideas, enter new markets and find new resources.
  • Exposure for the winners through the awards ceremony and the media.
  • Connection to a network of professionals providing technical support and offering financial and in-kind support to candidates.

Applications will be accepted until August 31st. It is possible to apply online in French and English through the website:

The 100 finalists will have the opportunity to present their projects at an event in Manama (Bahrain).
There will be one winner per country and a selection of three regional winners.

The top performers will be awarded with cash and in-kind services, representing professional services donated by sponsors of the competition, as well as MENA business angels (BA) – venture capital funds (VC) for all participants.
Winners will also be invited to participate in the MENA-OECD Business Day.

[Via: Mohd Khawaja]

Winners Of The MIT Arab Business Plan Competition 08-09

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MIT Arab Business Plan CompetitionThe MIT Arab Business Plan Competition is a competition designed to encourage all entrepreneurs in the Arab world to start their own company and, ultimately, create a nest of leading firms in the Arab world.

The current version of the competition officially started on November 10th 2008, by opening up registrations. A few hours ago, the final round took place in Dubai, where the 10 finalists did oral presentations of their business plans to the jury panel, and the awards were handed out.

The winners of this edition of the MIT Arab Business Plan Competition are as follows:

First place: A tie between Syphir (Husain Al-Mohssen, Courtland Allen, Ghassan Fayad, Faisal Alibrahim [Saudi Arabia]) and HAYATI Healthcare LLC (Michael Matly, Tariq El-Titi, David Matly [United Arab Emirates])

Second place: Rice Straw Fertilizer Company (Ibrahim Khater Youssef, Ahmed El Dorghamy, Mohamed Abdel Raouf [Egypt])

Third place: Blog Souq (Ahmad Takatkah, Adey Salamin, Ammar Ibrahim [Jordan])

According to the terms of the competition, the winner of the competition should receive prize money of USD 50,000; which in the case of a tie will most probably be split in two. The members of the winning teams will also be given the opportunity to attend the MIT Global Startup Workshop (GSW).

The first and second runner-ups will receive a check of USD 10,000 and USD 5000 respectively.

Besides the financial reward, the winning teams will be provided with coaching/mentoring from the members and network of the MIT Enterprise Forum who will also help the winners get their businesses up and explore further funding opportunities by introducing them to business development centers, financing institutions, and similar organizations.

DemoCamp Cairo – June 14th 2009 – The Agenda

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DemoCamp MEAs previously announced, the first DemoCamp Cairo will be taking place at the Cairo International Convention & Exhibition Center (Mycerinos Auditorium) on June 14th 2009 at 6PM.

The following six demos will be taking place at the event:

  • Exorcist: A puzzle game for the iPhone and iPod Touch by Vimov.
  • TVOSZ: An Egyptian video sharing service that was previously reviewed here.
  • Smatx: An online resource for IT people to find and share news and information.
  • Baralbait: A location based social networking service that enables people to check-in and pinpoint their locations to get to see nearby friends and places to go.
  • RFIDINREGION: A new site that is dedicated to RFID related technologies and news.
  • Carlog: A portal to buy and sell cars online.

The format will be the same as the previous events, with the presenters giving 10 minute presentations of their work, with 5 minutes for Q&A.

The presenters will also be available to answer any further questions, receive feedback and share some thoughts after the event.

Attendance is free, and everyone is welcome to join in. Attendees will also be getting free gift coupons from Logta.

Startups and web applications presented at DemoCamp Cairo, and that haven’t already been covered, will be reviewed here on StartUpArabia over the upcoming days.

DemoCamp Cairo, Cairo International Convention & Exhibition Center, June 14th 2009

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DemoCamp METhe first DemoCamp Cairo; a launch event for new products, technologies and companies; will be taking place at the Cairo International Convention & Exhibition Center (Mycerinos Auditorium) on June 14th 2009 at 6PM.

A few interesting demos are already lined up for the event, but there are still openings for a couple more; So, if you’re going to be in Cairo around that date, and you are working on an interesting new web application that you would like to present, then just send an email to: or leave a comment on the blog post announcing the event.

The ideas behind submitted startups have to be rather fresh ones, not things that are already overused, and priority is obviously given to newer startups.

The full list of startups that will be presenting at the event will be announced next week.

Attendance is free, and everyone is welcome to join in.

Startups and web applications presented at DemoCamp Cairo will also be reviewed here on StartUpArabia as usual. 

IIT Forum 6: The Arab World’s Top 10 Investment Ready Startups

| May 19, 2009 – 12:10 pm | comment 8 Comments

Investing in Technology ForumThe 6th Investing In Technology Forum; an event that aims to be a networking opportunity for entrepreneurs, researchers, investors, regional corporate CEOs, and all technology leaders in the region to get together to share experiences, develop relationships and explore business opportunities; took place in Cairo, Egypt, last week.

One of the items on the event’s agenda was a series of pitches by Arab technology startups to a panel of the region’s most prominent angel investors and venture capitalists, in hopes to be selected among the top 10 investment ready startups in the Arab world.

There were 33 startups from around the region who pitched their businesses, and the panel evaluated each startup and gave them a score, rating them by their potential and readiness for investment.

The following ten startups came out on top: 

  • Droubi: A company that has invented and patented a new method of dental surgery.
  • Glocalizer: A company that provides free wireless and technology advertising based products.
  • Applied Research Institute: A company that works on new technologies for water treatment and organic food.
  • eSpace: For WeNear, their framework for location based mobile services.
  • MobiLaps: A company that develops network applications for internet service providers.
  • Talasim: An online social network and photo gallery for comedy/funny content.
  • Aboker: A company that works on technology to produce biofuel and silicon carbon from environmental waste.
  • Vertex: A company that builds customised three-dimensional virtual worlds for education, real estate …etc.
  • SilMinds: A company that provides hardware acceleration technology thats speeds up intensive computing processes.
  • Kindisoft: A company that helps businesses to better protect their Rich Internet Applications based on Adobe Flash.

Quite an interesting mix of startups covering different fields, some who were only recently launched, and some that date back to the late 80′s, early 90′s (Droubi: 1989, Applied Research Institute: 1990).

After the selection happened, a number of the top startups were approached by some of the present investors who were interested in their businesses.

A list of these top 10 startups and their full descriptions can be downloaded in PDF format here. (Courtesy of Beep Beep.)

[Via: Beep Beep]

Queen Rania Center for Entrepreneurship Organises The Entrepreneurs Week – May 16-21 (Amman, Jordan)

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QRCEThe Queen Rania Center for Entrepreneurship is organizing a really interesting event ‘The Entrepreneurs Week‘ between 16th-21st of May, in Amman, Jordan.

The event aims to open an interactive discussion with a number of interesting international speakers who will speak about several important topics in Entrepreneurship, Business and Management.

The topics to be discussed are the following:

  • BlueOcean Strategy: How to transform a new business idea into a winning strategy
    Speaker: Mohammad Ajlouni (Managing Director, MDS)
  • Identifying your Strengths as an Entrepreneur
    Speaker: Ronald Evans (CEO, SIMA International)
  • Idea to Reality
    Speaker: Habib Haddad (Co-Founder,
  • Innovation in Open Networks – Perspectives from an Internet entrepreneur and venture capitalist
    Speaker: Joi Ito (CEO, Creative Commons)
  • Cross-cultural business issues as companies expand internationally
    Speaker: Doug Christgau (Director, Cross-Cultural Development)
  • The current U.S. and world financial market situation.
    Speaker: Larry Hutchins (Certified Financial Planner, Wachovia)
  • Insights into family-owned companies in regards to economic and human resource issues.
    Speaker: John Carmon (President, Carmon Community Funeral Homes)

The event is free of charge. For registration or any further information, you can check out their website or call +962 6 515 4892.

If you’re registered to the StartUpArabia Events iCal feed in your calendar software, the event should already be showing up in your calendar for the days of the event.

Online Media Creativity Workshop – Amman, Jordan (18-22 May)

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The Royal Film Commission of Jordan and Creative Commons, in cooperation with the SAE Institute in Jordan, are launching the first “Online Media Creativity” workshop to be held in Amman, Jordan.

The free workshop will be held from the 18th till the 22nd of May 2009 at the SAE Institute, for four hours daily from 1:00 pm till 5:00 pm, during which both theoretical and practical instruction will be offered.

Joi Ito, CEO of Creative Commons, is going to conduct the workshop, which is developed in cooperation with Royal Film Commission of Jordan.

The workshop is the first of its kind in the Arab world, and will be dealing with issues like how to produce and distribute an audiovisual with the help of social media and networks. It is open to all Arabs of all nationalities and countries (they just have to make it to Jordan).

This step comes to try and open the field of cinema and traditional audiovisual production to new media and try to understand how creativity could be improved through peer-production and network distribution by using open licenses such as Creative Commons.

Participants will benefit from Joichi Ito’s extensive media expertise in:

  1. Acquiring knowledge on the major changes occurring in the audiovisual field with the advent of digital media.
  2. Acquiring necessary technical skills to start producing and distributing one’s own digital media.
  3. Enabling young Arabs to professionally produce online content and share it with the rest of the world.

To apply, you should email the following to

  1. A personal resume, indicating any relevant previous experience.
  2. A cover letter indicating, in at least 100 words, the reason for applying.
  3. Clearly including your name, email and telephone number.

Deadline for submission is Tuesday 12th of May 2009.
For more information, you can contact the Royal Film Commission on: +962 6 461 3835 Ext. 101

[Via: mediaoriente]

BarCamp Tunisie, Al Ghazela Technology Park, May 9th 2009

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BarCamp TunisieTunisia will be soon be getting its first BarCamp event, that will be held at the Al Ghazela Technology Park (Hannibal Hall) on May 9th 2009 starting at 9:00 AM.

BarCamp is an ad-hoc gathering, born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. These events are quite intense with discussions, demos, and interaction from attendees.

A number of Tunisian entrepreneurs will be at the event talking about their startups and demoing their products and services, then opening a discussion about them with the attendees.

The startups that are confirmed to be demoing at the first Tunisian BarCamp so far are the following:

  • Keejob: A new Tunisian job portal. (Demo by: Amira Mimouni)
  • Wezign: A Tunisian web & graphic design agency. (Demo by: Kais Ben Sedrine)
  • Resto Tunisie: A community powered directory of restaurants in Tunisia, previously reviewed here. (Demo by: Kais Ezzine)
  • Tools4Com: A simple online invoicing system, previously reviewed here. (Demo by: Mohamed Aymen Ben Abdallah)
  • Twitterists: A service that lists and watches celebrities on Twitter. (Demo by: Mohamed Ben Dhaou)
  • Je révise: A course revision service for college students. (Demo by: Myriam Sfar)
  • Markkit: A web 2.0 text highlighter, previously reviewed here. (Demo by: Slim Amamou)

People interested in participating can sign up through the following form: BarCamp Tunisie Sign-up Form.

For more information and details about BarCamp Tunisie, you can check out the following page: BarCamp Tunisie (FR).

If you’re registered to the StartUpArabia Events iCal feed in your calendar software, the event should already be showing up in your calendar for that day.

The event is being organized by my friend Mehdi Lamloum.

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