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DemoCamp Dubai 2 – The Agenda

| May 19, 2008 – 10:29 am | comment 2 Comments

DemoCamp Dubai

As previously announced, the second DemoCamp Dubai will be taking place at the Radisson SAS in Dubai Media City on May 27th at 7:30PM.

The following five demos will be taking place at the event:

  • Darrb: A marketplace for delivery services, it will be presented by its co-founder Murshed (Previously reviewed on StartUpArabia here)
  • Logta: A one-stop-shop on promotions for all sorts of products, to be presented by Hisham Baker
  • Wasfati: The first dedicated Arab portal for food, recipes and nutrition. It will be presented by Fouad Masoud (Previously reviewed here)
  • SwalifCast: An Arab portal for digital learning, to be presented by Mohammed Al-Fares
  • mediaME: A user-generated content website for advertising and media professionals, to be presented by Zeid Nasser.

The format will be the same as the first event, with the presenters giving a 10 minute presentation of their work, with another 5 minutes for Q&A.

The presenters will also be available to answer any further questions, receive feedback and share some thoughts after the event.

iBlog… iMedia Conference Postponed Due To Financial Issues

| May 17, 2008 – 4:18 pm | comment No Comments

iblog... imediaLast month, the iBlog… iMedia conference on consumer generated media was announced, organized by casualPR, a leading PR agency that focuses on blogs and online media.

The event was supposed to take place in Amman, Jordan on Sunday June 1st 2008; But has been canceled due to financial issues and lack of funding and support by Sponsors, even thought the event succeeded in getting a lot of media attention, approximately 100 delegates without any promotions or ads, and a great group of speakers from different countries; including Hervé Cuviliez (Managing Director of DDB France), Alexander McNabb (Spot On PR Dubai), Samih Toukan (CEO of Maktoob Group), Adam Flinter (Online Editor of Gulf News), Ziad Barouni (Founder of and others.

Some important sponsors did express their interest in supporting next year’s edition; but for this year Samer Marzouq, CEO of erabia, the mother company of casualPR, is trying to reschedule a scaled down version of the conference.

Anyone interested in lending a hand or sponsoring the event can contact him directly at:

The idea of the event is a very interesting one, as it aims to play a role in bringing media and marketing professionals closer to Blogs, highlighting the role that bloggers are playing in changing the face of the media.

Hopefully, the event will still take place, even if on a slightly smaller scale, and that it opens the door to more and bigger editions in future years.

DemoCamp Dubai 2 – Radisson SAS, Dubai Media City (May 27th)

| May 11, 2008 – 12:24 pm | comment 1 Comment

DemoCamp DubaiThe second DemoCamp Dubai; the Dubai-based launch event for new products, technologies and companies; will be taking place at the Radisson SAS in Dubai Media City on May 27th at 7:30PM.

It comes only a couple of months after the first DemoCamp in Dubai, but this time around a bigger room was reserved so as to make the event open to everyone, so if you’re interested in attending, you’re more than welcome.

There are already two confirmed demos scheduled for the event, but there are still openings for a couple more; So, if you’re going to be in Dubai around that date, and you are working on an interesting new web application that you would like to present, then just send an email to: or leave a comment on the blog post announcing the event.

Startups and web applications presented at DemoCamp Dubai will also be reviewed here on StartUpArabia.

Wikimania 2008 – Alexandria, Egypt (July 17-19)

| May 8, 2008 – 4:09 pm | comment No Comments

Wikimania 2008Alexandria, Egypt, will be hosting Wikimania 2008 this Summer in the prestigious newly reconstructed library of Alexandria, Bibliotheca Alexandrina.

Wikimania is a regular conference for all Wikimedians that contribute to one of the many Wikimedia Foundation projects. Past conferences have been held in popular cities around the world, such as Frankfurt, Boston and Taipei, but this is the first time the event is being held in an Arab country.

As in previous years, Wikimania 2008 will include unconferences, seminars, and workshops. The Wikimania 2008 committee, comprised primarily of volunteers, will be organizing the event, and has already begun lining up sponsors. The program is still being planned, you can follow the planning here.

Registration for the event is open now, and details on how to register and attend can be found here: Registration.

# Wikimania 2008 Alexandria, Arabic Wikipedia

iBlog… iMedia, Arab Consumer Generated Media Conference

| April 17, 2008 – 3:22 pm | comment No Comments

casualPR, a leading PR agency that focuses on blogs and online media, just announced they’re organizing the first conference on consumer generated media in the Middle East in Amman Jordan on Sunday June 1st 2008.

This first edition of what they plan to make an Annual Consumer Generated Media Conference will be held under the theme “iBlog… iMedia”, aiming to highlight the role that blogs and social media is playing in changing the face of media.

The exact details on the program and who will be speaking at the event haven’t been announced yet, but according to the agenda, the conference will tackle the issues of new dialogue and the challenges it faces, social media: its realities, its relationship with the corporate world and its situation in the Arab world; incorporating a media and marketing perspective, with a focus on potentials and risks that brands and traditional media are facing with this growing medium.

“iBlog… iMedia aims to bring media and marketing professionals closer to Blogs, and to highlight the role that bloggers are playing in changing the face of the media” said Samer Marzouq, CEO of erabia, the mother company of casualPR.

The event is free for bloggers to attend, and requires a $100 registration fee for non-bloggers, which I think is a cool touch, even though I’m sure many people will start blogs just to get in free.
People interested in attending can already register online now.

# More: iBlog… iMedia, casualPR

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