Kngine, A New Semantic Web Search Engine

| Jan 18, 2010 | comment 14 Comments

KngineKngine is a new semantic web search engine and question answering engine that was launched from Egypt, aiming to provide more meaningful search results to users.

Unlike other regular search engines that focus more on the ranking of pages to serve search results to users, Kngine attempts to understand what the user is searching for exactly or what question they are asking, and then tries to come up with the best information, answers and results it can find.

This is done by analyzing the entered keywords to discover the relationships between them, linking the different found data together and then displaying united sets of related information from around the web.

The kinds of information and details provided by the search engine, along with the search results listings, are: Semantic information about the keywords/concepts, direct answers to the entered questions, comparisons between entered keywords/concepts, and possible links between different types of data such as movies, subtitles, photos, store prices, user reviews and more.


Kngine, which stands for Knowledge Engine, currently contains over 1 billion of pieces of data, and features about more than 7 million concepts; 70,000+ companies, 700,000+ movies, 1,100,000+ personalties, 450,000+ locations, 150,000+ books, and more. The interface is currently only available in English.

Even though the product is still in beta, it already shows promise in the way it searches, analyzes and returns relevant results; and we expect it to get even better with time as more work is put into its engine.

The search engine was launched from Cairo, Egypt, and founded by Haytham A. Abd ElFadeel, a Computer Science researcher, focused mainly on the semantic web and search, as well as parallel and distributed computing.

According to the founder, the long-term goal for Kngine is to make all human beings systematic knowledge and experience accessible to everyone; collecting and organizing all objective data, and making it easily accessible to everyone.

  • Mazen Slem

    I use it, it's great. Check also the next release features:

  • moski_doski

    Very cool, i like it

  • Hessan Slah

    powerful, well done

  • Mohamed Marwen Meddah

    Thanks for sharing your experience with it and the link to the upcoming enhancements and features.

    How long have you been using it? And what is it that you liked most?

  • Mohamed Marwen Meddah

    Yeah, I think that given the circumstances and the means, this is quite an achievement. There are still points to work on, sure, but I like the possibilities of where this is going.

  • Mohamed Marwen Meddah

    I think it shows that some really good work went into the underlying platform. Curious to see where it goes and how it grows.

  • Mazen Slem

    Since October, The feature that I like most it's the ability to provide different type of results (Lists, Answer, or Structured Information, etc) regarding the query.

  • Mike Darnell

    Hiya all,

    Just saw this post thanks to a ggole alert I have for Semantic Web.
    Played around with Kngine a little – looks great!
    Has anyone been able to get the engine to answer questions requiring 2 hops? (i.e. “Films by actors that participated in The Matrix”, “Who was King of Egypt when Henry the 8th was born?”)

    Get Semantic!

  • mikele

    Sweet idea. A different approach is that of yabhath

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  • Anonymous

    This kind of search engine is the future of internet searches. It tries to first understand what someone is really searching for and than offer better suited results based on the semantic of the search and not on the ranking of the different pages.
    finance Chicago


    Looks very promising. I might give this a try some other time. Thanks for the share.

    PS: I also think that it is time for people to start creating better search engine to give Google a run for their money. Hehe…

  • Adhie Mempawah

    i want to try the kngine

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