Kngine Introduces Statistics Platform Called Kngine Stats

| May 8, 2010 | comment 1 Comment

Kngine StatsKngine, the semantic web search and question answering engine, that was previously reviewed here, recently launched a brand new statistics platform called Kngine Stats.

Kngine Stats goes out and collects, organizes, and indexes a large number of records of statistical data from resources such as: the UN, the World bank, the CIA Factbook, and a number of other important sources.

What it does with that collected data is crunch it together to come up with different statistics that users can tap into by selecting a certain topic, viewing the statistics for it and even filtering them; in hopes of making these large datasets easier to explore, visualize and share.

Kngine Stats currently features 360 different statistics about a range of different topics, will allow users to search through more than 1,000 statistics inside and outside of it, and plans to allow users to add even more statistics, with the ability to fine tune the visualization with more options.

As an example, below is the graphical representation generated by Kngine Stats based on my choice of filters, showing the number of internet users from all Arab countries and the growth over the past years.

Kngine Stats - Internet Users Arab World

For now this statistics platform is a stand-alone application, but the goal is to build it up even more and start using the statistical information in it to empower Kngine’s search.

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