Loomni, A Knowledge Sharing & Educational Platform

| Jun 8, 2010 | comment 2 Comments

LoomniLoomni is a new service that’s being launched today for the region that promises to reshape and transform continuing education, making it more accessible and affordable to everyone.

The problem Loomni is trying to solve is that of education outside of public schools and universities being out of reach for most people as it takes the form of limited, relatively long and expensive courses offered up by training institutions.

The idea of the startup is to fill the existing gap and provide learning opportunities for people who can’t afford expensive courses, nor have the time to spend locked up for long hours in a training venue somewhere. It aims to do this by providing focused practical courses delivered in 90 minutes, at a fraction of the price available in the market.

To be able to provide these lower prices, Loomni goes after another profile of instructors, mainly experts on certain fields who can share their knowledge and experience, educating people about their areas of expertise, but also helping market themselves and their services along the way.

So Loomni essentially would be providing these expert instructors with raised awareness, market value, potential customers and a new source of revenue. They’re calling the approach “marketing by teaching.”

For learners, of course it means they gain access to connect with and learn from experts in various fields, getting practical courses on various topics of interest to them at affordable prices. It also works well for small businesses who can sign up more of their staff to these cheaper courses.


Loomni will also be providing vouchers that hold a certain monetary value that can be given as gifts, or by companies to their employees in order to help fund their continued education.

The service is mainly aimed at university students, as well as small and medium businesses, and of course members of the general public who want to continue learning. As for its revenue model, it’s based on a revenue share between Loomni and the instructors,varying depending on the course, the instructor giving it, the frequency of the course and the audience targeted by the course.

Loomni is based out of Dubai, and was founded by Nagi Salloum, an ex-Googler who held the role of regional marketing manager at the company, and who left Google last year to pursue building this platform that he’s been thinking of and cooking up for a couple of years already.

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