Video: Loomni Presents Education Project At DemoCamp Dubai

| Jun 29, 2010 | comment 5 Comments

LoomniLoomni is a new service for the region that aims to empower continuing education, making it more accessible and affordable to everyone. The service was previously reviewed here.

The overall idea of the startup is to fill the existing gap and provide learning opportunities for people who can’t afford expensive courses, nor have the time to spend locked up for long hours in a training venue somewhere.

It aims to do this by providing focused practical courses delivered in 90 minutes, at a fraction of the price available in the market, by working with another profile of instructors, mainly experts on certain fields who can share their knowledge and experience, educating people about their areas of expertise, but also helping market themselves and their services along the way.

Loomni’s founder Nagi Salloum was one of the presenters at DemoCamp Dubai last week, talking about Loomni and how it works.

Below are videos of the Loomni presentation at DemoCamp Dubai.

Part 1:

Part 2:

[Sorry for the videos being of lower quality than other ones from the event.]

  • Mohamed Hamedi

    I really like this concept and I think Nagi is on something special.
    If Nagi is reading this post, I'd like to ask whether he is considering providing online access to these training sessions.

    This would give access to people who might be able to attend the training. I like the fact that these are short sessions, so it is bearable to attend online.

    Just my thoughts.

  • Basheir Hashim

    Education can be reinvented many times over. Academic earth is a good example :

  • Mohamed Marwen Meddah

    Someone from the audience asked about having access to classes online, and I think Nagi said this is something that would be coming in the future.

    I think I have the Q&A video for Loomni and will upload it with the other Q&A videos I have.

  • Mohamed Marwen Meddah

    Definitely, and our region is in dire need for such initiatives.

    Thanks for the link Basheir, I didn't know about Academic Earth before this; interesting project.

  • Mohamed Marwen Meddah

    The second video I thought I had for Q&A from Loomni turned out to be the continuation of the presentation. I've uploaded it and it can be viewed above.

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