Logta Expands And Launches Online Mall With Retailer Stores

| Apr 8, 2011 | comment 7 Comments

Logta the online service that provides shoppers with a one-stop shop for promotions, that was previously covered here, has expanded and released what they’re describing as an online mall.

They’ve gone ahead and launched a new section under their portal called Logta Mall, with a wide range of online stores for a number of retailers covering various sectors and offering their products for sale online through Logta’s new platform.

So to build up towards a B2C model, Logta’s sales team get in touch and work with a variety of retailers in order to put together partnerships, through which Logta sets stores for them on the platform with all the products they want to put up for sale, and then handle all the order processing, online payments and shipping follow-up.

With this move, Logta is hoping to establish itself as a central online shopping destination where users can buy the products they want at competitive prices from well known and trusted retailers.

Logta Mall is currently available in only three countries in the region: United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt; but it is expected that it will be expanded to cover other countries in the future.

The Logta promotions side of the site has around 850 retailers on board, and the new Logta Mall section already has 30 retailer stores set up and selling.

According to numbers provided by Logta, their site which was launched in January 2009 currently reaches 1 Million Unique Visitors per month, and counts 10 Million Pages views.

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