What is StartUpArabia?

StartUpArabia, founded in March 2008, is a weblog dedicated to new Arab technology startups and services, profiling and reviewing them, providing interesting market news and information, and sharing tips and advice for the entrepreneurs behind them.

In addition to covering these new startups, existing services and companies that are making interesting new changes and big steps in the Arab world will be mentioned and discussed.

StartUpArabia is a community project to stimulate technology entrepreneurship in the Arab world and encourage people to innovate which also aims to create more visibility for technology companies from the Arab region.

Who is behind StartUpArabia?

StartUpArabia was founded, and is edited by Mohamed Marwen Meddah.

You can connect with him via social media sites at:


If you would like to contact StartUpArabia with any suggestions, comments, corrections, new startup announcements, or anything at all; please feel free to use the contact form or the startup submission form.

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